Anthony + Nika // A Cross Estate Gardens, New Jersey Engagement

March 25, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

"True love blooms when we care more about another person than we care about ourselves." - Jeffrey R Holland

We had the most wonderful time working with Nika and Anthony at Cross Estate Gardens for their engagement session. We have so much in common with these two and loved exploring the gardens with them. Nika and Anthony are two adventurous souls with good hearts and we cannot wait to capture their wedding day at The Grove at Centerton coming up in December! 

In the run up to their proposal, Anthony had planned on asking Nika's father for her hand before proposing. He reached out to one of Nika's brothers for her dad's phone number and was sent the contact for "Rob" which just happens to be both Nika's brother and dad's name. Anthony called Rob and went through his spiel, only to be told at the end of the conversation, "I think you're trying to talk to my dad." Anthony accidentally asked Nika's brother for her hand in marriage. Anthony eventually wound up asking Nika's dad after a short detour through humiliation. 

Nika had off work the day before Thanksgiving and Anthony planned a double date to Renault Winery that night. Anthony suggested an outfit for Nika to wear, and while she didn't wind up wearing his outfit of choice, she noted the odd behavior. They arrived at the winery at dusk and Nika also noted that they were the only group at the winery. Renault has a beautiful wine barrel tree, and Anthony found out that evening that they hadn't planned on lighting it up until closer to Christmas. The group pulled a few strings to get the wine barrel tree turned on, and once the tree got turned on the group suggested they take some photos while the tree was turned on. Nika and Anthony went to get a photo together when he got down on one knee and proposed. Nika cried a bunch and they eventually went back to sit down by the fire when Nika saw Anthony's family. More tears were shed and then she heard "What's all this commotion?" When Nika looked she found her mom and dad creeping out from the bushes. Anthony had flown them from Texas to witness the proposal. Needless to say, Nika was a mess. After 5 years of dating, it was the perfect proposal. Enjoy their early spring, Cross Estate Gardens engagement session!