David + Corie // A Summer, Ricketts Glen Engagement

July 21, 2023

"Love is a friendship that has caught fire." - Ann Landers

We had such a blast working with David and Corie for their Ricketts Glen engagement session! While scrambling down a mountain with thunderstorms threatening overhead, their five mile hike for their engagement session will be one I'll never forget..David and Corie were so chill and easy to talk to, and we have so much in common including our love for skiing and adventures. They are such a fun couple and I am beyond excited to capture their wedding day next year!

 David and Corie were skiing at Stratton over New Year's Eve last year with some friends from the University of Connecticut. It was New Year's Day, after the celebrations, and it rained all day so they couldn't go skiing. They decided to take a walk around the village as their activity of the day David and Corie strolled out towards a pond when David got down on one knee and asked Corie to marry him. She of course said yes! Enjoy their their beautiful Ricketts Glen engagement session!