Santino + Autumn // An RB Winter State Park Engagement

April 28, 2023

"I cannot love you as I love myself until I love God as I ought to love him." - Jack Hyles

We had such a wonderful time working with Santino and Autumn at RB Winter State Park for their engagement session. We were back and forth on locations for their session when Autumn landed on RB Winter State Park, one of our all-time favorites! There's something so special about this little slice of the woods, with it's tall Jack Pine trees, beautiful beaches and woodsy overlooks and we had a blast spending time with Autumn and Santino. These two were up for anything and came prepared to hike, skip, and anything else that was asked of them. I cannot wait for their big day coming up at Wind in the Willows in June!

Santino proposed to Autumn on Christmas day. They spent the morning with his family. They went to church together and then opened presents. After the festivities, Santino asked Autumn if she wanted to go for a walk. So they took a stroll through Lockridge Park, the same park that Autumn first realized she was in love with Santino. When they came upon a a little walking bridge, Autumn decided to peer over the edge and look at the water. Santino got on one knee behind her, and started expressing how excited he was for their future. When she turned around, he asked her to marry him, and she said yes! When they returned to the house, they celebrated with Santino's family and Facetimed Autumn's family. Enjoy their beautiful RB Winter State Park engagement!