Miles + Brittney // A Sedona, Arizona Engagement

March 21, 2023

"All I want is to grow old with you. To watch our life unfold, our dreams, one by one, come true. All I want is to love you forever." - Renee Duvall

Miles and Brittney's engagement session in Sedona, Arizona was truly one for the books. Their engagement session location had been up in the air but when Brittney told me that they were moving to Arizona, I knew we had to shoot their session in Sedona. We chose a trail that Miles and Brittney had been on once before with friends, and when we scouted it, there were so many unique lookout points we knew it was perfect. As luck would have it, Sedona got a freak snow storm the night before their engagement session and flooded the 4x4 road that we had intended on driving back on. So we hoofed it on foot, and we had a blast hiking and working with Miles and Brittney. I knew Brittney from high school, but getting to know her and Miles and to see the adventurous person she's grown in to was a true joy. Her and Miles have a shared love of adventure and the outdoors, and they are truly the perfect match. We can't wait to capture their big day in September!

Miles proposed to Brittney on a trip they had taken to Rocky Mountain National Park. To set the scene, they had rented a cute, rustic cabin with no running water for the trip when they decided to do some hiking outside of the park. Miles tends to hike off trail, so they were tramping across the mountain side when saw some big horn sheep. They continued up the mountain with an almost 3000 vertical feet rise to the top when finally they ran out of mountain and reached the summit. Miles proposed to Brittney at the top and she said yes! Enjoy their beautiful, snowy, Sedona engagement!