Miguel + Ashley // A Fall, Amusement Park Engagement

November 09, 2023

"Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other." - Felix Adler

We had so much fun working with Miguel and Ashley at Knobel's Grove for their fall engagement session! We were brainstorming locations at their initial meeting in July and remembering that Knobel's was open until November for their Hall-o-weekends, I suggested Knobel's and Miguel and Ashley were immediately on board! We spent the morning riding rides, exploring Knobel's and stopping for some fries and cotton candy. We had the best time working with these two for their engagement session and can't wait for their wedding at Wind in the Willows in June!

Miguel took Ashley to the restaurant they went on for their first date when he proposed. On the drive, Ashley started questioning why they were getting there a whole 30 minutes before they opened so Miguel got nervous and started blasting music and singing so he wouldn't have to answer the question. When they arrived at the restaurant, they went for a walk, and on the walk there was an area decorated with flowers (props to Ashley's sisters). Miguel asked Ashley to marry him and she of course said yes! Ashley's family decorated the restaurant as well and they had lunch. Enjoy their beautiful, amusement park engagement session!