Kyle + Jena // A Mount Baker, Washington Elopement

August 30, 2022

"Love is a friendship that has caught fire." - Ann Landers


When Kyle and Jena reached out to me last December about capturing their elopement in Washington, I was so incredibly honored. Since that point, Kyle and Jena's vision for their elopement steadily solidified into one of the most perfect days we've ever had the joy of capturing. In the run up to their wedding day, we were keeping an eye on Mount Baker, their desired ceremony location. The road to Mount Baker was closed until just a few weeks before their big day due to an insane amount of snow that had accumulated from the winter. We lucked out and the road was open, but ran into a different road block the day before their wedding. Jena called me at 6:30am the day before their elopement date, and was worried about the 100% chance of rain forecast the next day. So we devised a plan to split their elopement into two days. They would have their ceremony that night and then we would do photos the next day as well as their dinner/intimate reception. The result was a perfect two day elopement event that celebrated Kyle and Jena while also giving them down time and room to breathe and enjoy their elopement.

So on the 3rd, Jena got ready at her mom's condo while Kyle got ready at their Airbnb. Jena did her own makeup while her mom assisted her with her hair. Once she was dressed, we headed for Artist Point at Mount Baker, their ceremony site that they scouted out that morning. Kyle and Jena had a first look on a dock with beautiful mountain views, and then we went right into their intimate, lakeside ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by Jena's brother. The ceremony was impactful and emotional. Afterwards, we took some family photos. We had the perfect weather for their ceremony with clear skies and moderate temps. The next day was a different story entirely. I was doubtful that it would be as rainy as the forecast was calling for, as it seldomly ever is. I was wrong. The next day was chilly and it rained virtually the entire day. Anytime we climbed above 4k feet of elevation, we were greeted with a ceiling of clouds. We weren't able to do the hike we had been planning but made the most of the cloudy day and got some awesome photos. Kyle and Jena were such troopers the entire day and wore thick, down coats when necessary and pressed on through the mud and rain. They exchanged private and emotional vows on their hike, and we had a picnic lunch. Hanging out with Kyle and Jena felt like we had been old friends for years even though we had just met the day before. They are the sweetest couple, and they joke with each other like best friends. At one point we were all spilling tea about the people in our lives, and it was truly a blast.

Their reception at Bellingham Cider Company may have been my favorite reception of all time. They rented out a section of the patio area at BCC, and the staff was incredibly attentive as they kept the food and drinks flowing all evening. They signed their marriage license, socialized with their family, toasts were given in their honor and then they cut their cake. It was laid back and perfect. 

Kyle and Jena made their wedding day(s) their own. They proved that your elopement can look like whatever you want it to look like. We recognize that elopements may not be for everyone, but to every couple who feels the call to elope and to adventure on their wedding day, to frolick in the rain the mud, to stamp through the snow in your wedding dress, and then acts on that impulse, we are grateful for you. Enjoy Kyle + Jena's incredible Washington Elopement!

Reception Venue + Dinner- Bellingham Cider Company

Florist- Farmers Market

Photography- Lindsey Maree Photography

Cake- Icing on the Cake

Menswear- Bonobos