Joey + Hannah // A Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Elopement

May 24, 2022  •  1 Comment

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom." - Charles Dickens


Elopements have such a special place in our hearts, so when Joey and Hannah told us at their initial meeting for their wedding next year that they were planning on possibly eloping in Colorado, I basically fully talked them into it and then begged them to take us with them. Their elopement was unique in that we were all kind of flying by the seat of our pants. Joey and Hannah had never been to Colorado, but they were planning on eloping out there because they were already planning a trip with family and friends to see a concert in the Red Rocks. We had been to Colorado in March hiking in the national park, but Rocky Mountain National Park is a different beast entirely in May vs. March. So we built sight seeing and location scouting into our trip to Colorado. We kept hitting road blocks as far as actually eloping in the park went. We were informed that the park only issues 30 permits to elope in the park per month, and that they were basically sold out for the year. Joey and Hannah were persistent with calling the park office several times to see if there was anything they could do, but to no avail. So we settled on an out of park location for their ceremony with photos in the park, got our proper permitting to take photos in the park, and out we flew to Colorado!

Jason and I scouted out Mary's Lake for their ceremony and when Hannah and Joey arrived on site on the 12th they were blown away! Mary's lake is a small lake that sits along a residential community but still has Colorado charm with big mountains in the background, yellow rocks, and a big blue lake. Prior to their ceremony, Joey and Hannah were able to take a few minutes to read letters they had written to each other separately. Joey and Hannah were able to get their marriage license the morning of their wedding, and then Hannah's dad officiated their ceremony. It was a heartfelt, meaningful ceremony with lots of tears. In attendance at the ceremony were Hannah's sister, her sister's best friend, Hannah's mom and Hannah's dad. Joey's parents were able to watch on via Facetime. After their ceremony, we went up to Lily Lake for some family photos. Have I mentioned yet that the wind on Joey and Hannah's wedding day must have been 60mph gusts? While the wind was brutal, Joey and Hannah didn't let that ruin their day at all and were just ecstatically happy they were in the great outdoors getting married.

Joey and Hannah finished their day with photos at Sprague Lake and Bear Lake. We had grand aspirations of taking photos at the gorgeous Emerald Lake, but after checking it out the day before and seeing the hike was still under about 3 feet of snow, we decided on the easy to access Bear Lake. They had their first dance to the tune of "Beyond" by Leon Bridges at Sprague Lake, and then we ended with some fun photos in the big meadow as the sun set. It was such a perfect day. Enjoy Joey and Hannah's incredible Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement!

Dress- Baltic Born

Florist- Associated Wholesale Florist

Menswear- Boscovs


Crystal Smithmyer(non-registered)
These photos are terrific! You did such a great job of capturing their love and joy. Even though it was crazy cold, you managed to get so many wonderful shots. Thank you for all you did to help Hannah make the elopement in RMNP a reality. Probably the second most repeated phrase - after “I’m freezing!” - was, “Well, NOW we know….” Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you for the larger event next year.
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