Tyler + Rachael // A Bethlehem Engagement

April 16, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

"The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you." - Rumi

We had a blast exploring Bethlehem with Tyler and Rachael for their engagement session. We started out behind the Hotel Bethlehem in the Colonial Quarter, took a brief detour into town and then made our way over to the Steel Stacks. We ended the evening at Bethlehem Brew Works for dinner and drinks. Rachael and I go way back. We were friends growing up and then became great friends through church and cross country in high school. We had so much fun catching up and it was great getting to know Tyler as well. We can't wait for their beautiful spring wedding next April!

Tyler proposed to Rachael right after she crossed the finish line of the Philadelphia Half Marathon. Tyler planned for everything so Rachael wouldn't suspect a thing. She woke up that morning to head to the starting line and Tyler was still fast asleep in bed. He had told her that he was going with his dad to Penn State that day, and when Rachael left house, she didn't have any idea that would be the day Tyler was going to pop the question. When she crossed the finish line, Tyler waiting for her and that was when he asked. Anyone who has ever run distance can attest that finishing a long race like that is a rush of emotions in itself, and with the proposal on top of that, Rachael was left in tears. She of course said yes though, and Tyler and Rachael are so perfect together. Enjoy their beautiful Bethlehem engagement!


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