Richard + Courtney // A Colton Point State Park Engagement

February 01, 2022  •  1 Comment

"You can find something truly important in an ordinary minute." - Mitch Albom

We had the most amazing time hanging out with Richard and Courtney for their engagement session at Colton Point State Park. Richard and Courtney are one of our elopement couples for 2022, and they are planning on having their big day at Shenendoah National Park in September. I love talking details with these two during their hike up to the canyon rim. Their adventurous spirits were top notch as we got to the edge of the rock lookout we normally take couples to. I expressed my reservations with having them climb down the snowy and icy path to the rock point which was also covered with snow and ice, which then plummeted hundreds of feet straight down to the canyon floor below. Their response was "Well... we'll be careful." And careful they were. I know their wedding day is going to be incredible and I'm so grateful for Richard and Courtney.

Courtney and Richard went hiking to the Pinnacle on the Appalachian trail at the end of October. When they got to the top, they took some photos and ate a snack, but Richard mentioned that he wished the couple on the rock above them would move. Normally he wouldn't mind other people so Courtney knew something was up. Richard told Courtney that he had something for her and pulled out an Alex and Ani bracelet from his hiking bag, and then they moved over to a different spot at the rocky overlook. It was windy and cold, and when Richard asked Courtney to marry him, she responded before he could even finish asking her. Enjoy their beautiful winter, Colton Point State Park engagement session!


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Love, Love the Engagement Photos. Can’t wait for the ceremony day!
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