Daniel + Hailey // A Snowy, RB Winter State Park Engagement

February 04, 2022  •  1 Comment

"You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought." - Arthur Conan Doyle

We had the most amazing time hanging out with Dan and Hailey for their RB Winter State Park engagement session. As we drew closer to the date of their session, I kept getting more and more nervous, because the temperature forecast kept dropping. That Saturday was predicted to be in the mid-teens, and I knew it was going to be even colder at RB Winter because that area acts as a micro-climate. So we planned on bringing hand warmers, taking heater breaks in the car, and bundling up in between takes. It was absolutely freezing with temperatures around 11 degrees, but Dan + Hailey were such troopers. In absolutely no way were they wearing the proper footwear to be traipsing through snow and ice for two hours, but they did it with a smile and I am just so incredibly happy that we get to call them our clients. We cannot wait to shoot their wedding at the Rusty Rail in December.

Hailey and Dan are high school sweethearts, so Dan went the extra mile to make sure the proposal was a complete surprise. He told Hailey that he wasn't coming to Pennsylvania that weekend, so Hailey made plans to go out to dinner with her mom. Hailey received a panicked call from her three sisters that day, and they told Hailey that her one sister broke her leg at a local park and Hailey needed to come to help out with the emergency. When Hailey and her mom arrived at the park, Hailey saw the gazebo was decorated with flowers and streamers and could not believe that her sister with her broken leg ruined someone else's proposal. Hailey then saw one of Dan's friends run across the park and realized that it was actually Dan who was planning on proposing and the surprise was for her. He had a smorgasbord of all of their favorite foods ready (Wendy's, pizza, Olive Garden, and ice cream), and he proposed with a box of chocolates that spelled "Will You Marry Me?" with the ring at the end. Hailey of course said yes! Enjoy their snowy, RB Winter State Park engagement!


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On a snowy, icy day in the middle of January, Daniel + Hailey braved the winter weather to spend their afternoon with me at RB Winter State Park. We got together for their engagement session and started out by exploring the inside of an old barn that is on the property. The barn is full of history and I love all the little details inside! There are old lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a gorgeous fireplace, and an old pulley system on one of the walls. After we explored the barn, we headed outside to explore the rest of the park.It was such a beautiful day! I loved seeing how excited Daniel + Hailey were to be together and explore this new location with me.The entire time we were shooting, snow was falling lightly all around us. It created such a pretty backdrop for their photos! It’s not often that you can capture two people completely surrounded by snow so I really enjoyed being able to do that with Daniel + Hailey’s session. At one point, they even decided to lay down in it and make snow angels!
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