Jerry + Jessalyn // A North Cascades National Park, Washington Elopement

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"A loving heart is the truest wisdom." - Charles Dickens


I genuinely don't even know where to start when talking about the joy that was Jerry + Jessalyn's elopement. Jessalyn and I had been talking for years now about the potential of us capturing their elopement. When they cemented things with us over the winter, I was ecstatic. Jerry and Jessalyn got an Airbnb about an hour from the trailhead of the mountain they were going to elope on, and because they wanted to head in before sunrise, we stayed with them the night before they eloped. That also provided me with the extremely unique opportunity of capturing Jessalyn's dress at night the night before their wedding. Jerry and Jessalyn provided Steven (their officiant), Jason and I with pizza that night and we all got minimal amounts of sleep.

So, we were all up bright and early at 3:30 on Saturday morning. We grabbed muffins, coffee, and donuts for the road and all piled into Jerry and Jessalyn's Subaru. Jerry and Jessalyn started their wedding day with a playlist which included everything from Disney to punk and beyond. About a half an hour into the drive, the road turned treacherous as we were thrown around the Subaru started traveling up a deeply pitted mountain road. We finally made it to the trailhead, got out of the car and packed on all of our equipment, and yes, Jerry and Jessalyn did hike up in street clothes and changed on the mountain top. We then started our mountain hike. Were there several times I thought my heart my give out? Sure. But we did it. So 1.5 miles later and 1300ft of elevation gain and we were at their ceremony spot. There were two tents at the top of the mountain, but other than that, Jerry and Jessalyn had the mountain top to themselves. They then changed with as much privacy as they could muster, and then had their first look followed by a private vow reading. After that we moved into their ceremony. Steven did a fantastic job as their officiant. Their ceremony was by far the most beautiful ceremony we've ever had the joy of capturing. You simply can't beat a mountain range lit afire by the morning light. Jerry and Jessalyn tied the knot (literally) and then sealed things with a handshake. They were officially married!

Once they were married, we spent a good amount of time on the mountain top grabbing some photos. The campers eventually packed up (after the ceremony mind you) and we had free reign of the mountain. On the way back down, Jerry and Jessalyn rocked their hiking packs complete with their "Just Married" signs and of course their baby Yoda. We stopped for photos in the snow and at a few different spots on the way down the mountain. We pulled off at a larger spot where they had their first dance and where they shared a donut. When we got to the bottom, they were surprised to see their car was decorated! Their friends drove the whole way up from Seattle (3.5 hours) to decorate their car while they were hiking. They then waited around for 6 hours as we were taking photos. They jumped out and surprised Jerry and Jessalyn with cupcakes and then were able to take part in their champagne toast. I don't think anyone could ask for better friends. We ended the day with a drive to Mount Baker where we took some more photos and ended back at the cabin where we started. Jerry and Jessalyn's day was adventurous, intimate and perfect for these two wonderful souls. It was truly a joy to be a part of. Enjoy their beautiful North Cascades National Park elopement!

Shoes- Custom Chacos

Jackets- Arcteryx

Dress- David's Bridal

Menwear- Mens Wearhouse


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