Ryan + Alex // An Adventurous, Frozen Waterfall Engagement

January 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

"True love blooms when we care more about another person than we care about ourselves." - Jeffrey R Holland

Ryan + Alex are two of the most adventurous souls we've every had the privilege of working with. These two were up for anything, just a complete blast to work with, and they are just such bold individuals. When I say bold, I mean brazenly crossing a frozen creek to  get the shot and crunching through ice and then continuing on anyway! Sometimes I'll step back a session and think, how lucky are we that these adventurous humans found us, and I definitely thought that with Ryan + Alex. We are so looking forward to their gorgeous wedding this August!

Ryan proposed to Alex on a sunrise hike up to the Pinnacle Overlook at Hawk Mountain. I don't know if you guys know this, but in order to see the sunrise at the end of a lengthy hike, you actually have to start the hike at like 3am. Just the amount of dedication it takes to wake up at 3am together says so much about these two. At the end of the hike they made breakfast and coffee using their Jetboil and watched the sunrise. They also mentioned that there were other people close by who camped out the night before, so that's just a fun side note. Ryan eventually got down on one knee and Alex sat down too because she thought it looked like they were going to have a serious conversation. He told her to stand up, and then asked her to marry him. She said yes and these two are getting married in August! Enjoy their frozen, winter wonderland state park engagement session!


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